It's been a long journey getting to the place I'm at now where I love the work I do. But I don't want you to suffer like I did!

I want to help you find your work happiness ASAP and have a lot of fun doing it. Below are a selection of products I've created to provide some light at the end of the murky work tunnel.


Create Growth & Happiness at work - become a happiness consultant

The only ICF accredited training where you can learn how to effectively promote and deliver happiness at work initiatives and programmes. Do you want to become a happiness consultant and start 2018 with a new purposeful and passionate career? If you a consultant or coach, HR director or start up founder keen to bring happiness at work to your portfolio of skills, this course is for you.


Find Your Work Happiness... build a Portfolio Career

Are you stuck in a job you hate? Thinking about a career change, but are yet to take the leap? Worried you might be throwing away your years of experience or training? Confused by all your multiple passions and ideas but not sure how to make them make money?

Various factors, such as money and culture, influence our career choices. As a result we can end up climbing a career ladder in the same humdrum job that is not aligned with our true ambitions, motivations, and multiple passions. 

As the world of work changes, portfolio careers are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to a traditional full-time job. This unique course will once and for all help you nail down what your work happiness should look like and how to make it happen, with a clear roadmap for each step to take and expert advice on combining your multiple skills and interests into a thriving portfolio career.

This unique online offering provides done for you tools, resources and direct consulting & coaching with renown portfolio careerist and Happiness Consultant, Samantha Clarke, together we will help you to:

  • Identify what strands will make up your portfolio career to cultivate the happiness at work you want - is it renegotiating the terms of your current role and do that alongside another passion, freelancing or moving sectors/transitioning out into new work streams completely?
  • Practical activities to help you action your personal portfolio plan and make money
  • Sculpt a distinctive personal brand that’s right for you and your portfolio mix so that you can raise your profile and promote yourself with ease
  • Create personal development strategies and tools to work through fear and self-doubt and help to build the support systems needed to make you and your portfolio career successful

If you want to find out more about when the course (launch Spring 2018), feel free to register your interest now


Be Happy First

Imagine what it would feel like if you:

  • Could get a clear roadmap to help you consistently feel good and function effectively at work.
  • Had an busy-proof toolkit of happiness and wellbeing approaches that enable you to confidently navigate the natural highs and lows of work (& life). 
  • Appreciate exactly how to apply intricate ideas of philosophy, sociology, the science and research of positive psychology and practical to common workplace situations (like finding meaning in a monotonous job, dealing with a difficult coworker, or building confidence).
  • Use all these tools effective to help yourself as well as help your friends, family, colleagues, or clients.

A powerful evidence based program that individuals can use to boost confidence, resilience, engagement, positivity and performance.

Welcome to Be Happy First!

BE HAPPY FIRST is a clear roadmap to help individuals consistently feel good, function effectively at work and be more productive, it's a win-win for ALL.