What is a happiness Consultant?


 I never knew a job title like this existed!


A Happiness Consultant is that distinct wellness authority, supportive mentor and strategic advisor who helps companies and individuals shift their happiness at work attitudes, approaches, systems and behavior toward more sustainable, measurable and meaningful habits.

Whether their client’s goal is changing company culture, creating a wellness programme, reducing stress, shifting careers/crafting a new job or boosting productivity and performance, Happiness Consultants support their clients to develop sustainable work happiness changes.

Preventive care is the future, and health coaching fills a void in our current work psychology HR and organisational development paradigm. Many HR or Operations Directors lack the time, clout, training and resources to help companies achieve their wellness goals.

By addressing all facets of work (happiness) – relationships, career, personal development and technology – Happiness Consultants take a holistic approach to work happiness and help companies and individuals find the unique solutions to make happiness at work a reality.


What Does a Happiness Consultant Do?


Happiness consultants  get to know their clients intimately by listening closely, asking pointed questions intended to help clients gain clarity, and observing their behavior, thoughts, and actions. They act as an unbiased observer, identifying patterns and limiting beliefs that could be hampering their decision-making and hindering growth.

Ultimately, they help clients master work happiness through our signature Create Growth & Happiness process:


Taking their time with client to ALIGN, DESIGN, EDUCATE and MEASURE a practical happiness, wellbeing and growth strategy.

Making sure to identify which of four pillars needs the most assistance to improve the happiness and wellbeing of individuals, team and the company as a whole



Help individuals to naturally seek more positive emotions at work and skyrocket their mindset, resilience, confidence and self leadership for success.



Discover joyous and authentic ways to connect with others to build more high quality relationships. Create the space for authentic listening for professional success.



Create more meaning at work and purpose in your company. Identify the processes and habits that need to change to empower individuals to create their own work happiness.



Adopt preventative approaches to stress and anxiety caused by tech distractions and avoid burnout by creating strategies to increase calm, flow, and focus.

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