Finally… a PROVEN framework to help you turn all your multiple passions into a profitable career and generate reliable streams of income regardless of what economy we are in — all without tearing your hair out.


Use these tested, step-by-step techniques to transition out of your current career, hone in on your passions & strengths to create a meaningful portfolio of work that you love


THEN implement my “Portfolio Pie Mix strategy” to increase your revenue streams from 1 to 2 to 4 or more…all without burning out


Imagine…it’s another Monday morning. With a heavy heart you look at your does it look? How do you feel about your week ahead?

Are you...

  • Frustrated because you want to transition out of your job and try one of your many new business ideas? 

  • Confused about what the right mix of projects and effort might be to replace the stable income that comes with said current lacklustre job?

  • Intrigued by the sound of a portfolio career and but not sure how you would balance your energy, sanity and/or time?

  • Desperate for a career that fulfils you but leaves you with flexibility to spend time with family or doing other things that nurture you?

  • Feeling pulled in so many different directions, not because you can't focus, but because you have so many ideas and interests you'd like to bring to life.

  • Unsure about what to say when someone asks you ‘what do you do?’ now that you are balancing lots of different types of work?

12 weeks from now, you’ll be 12 weeks older. And still in the same place.

Now imagine that instead, you had a personal work happiness coach in your pocket, and you were on a step-by-step 12-week plan to creating a portfolio career and generating multiple streams of income — using the skills and passions you already have.

You’d be learning how to leverage your skills and transition out of your current work, turn your numerous  ideas into a sustainable portfolio of work, overcome anxieties around how to sell what you do, identify strategies to make sure money flows in and working in a way that keeps you happy, motivated and healthy

Option 1 - work funk

Option 1 - work funk

Option 2 - work happiness

Option 2 - work happiness


Option1: You can remain in a funk, still deeply frustrated about your working week and be in the same place12 months from now.

Option 2: You can choose to create a working week that brings you joy, combines all your projects/passions effortlessly and easily and provides you with the financial stability you crave. By taking control of your work happiness you can create a portfolio career making you an expert in your respective fields.

What is a portfolio career?

A portfolio career is a collection of multiple strands of work (that might include part-time employment,  freelancing or self-employment) that when combined are the equivalent to or more than a full-time strand of work

Whether you want to work remotely at home with your kids, do 3 days a week in your main job and freelance the rest or combine photography with law - you can create a portfolio of work that covers the mortgage and more as well as be in control of your time

It’s time to work in a new way that allows you to tap into your treasure trove of skills to create meaningful work you’ve always wanted to do. Creating a portfolio career means you never have to worry about your toxic boss/workplace again or get caught short by redundancy/economic instability. It allows you to take the reigns of your career into your own hands.

Really glad I took the plunge - great fun and great value. I have LOADS of ideas and a much better idea on how to structure my thoughts and my work to prepare for my portfolio career!
— Jessica Barlett

Ready to learn more?

Hi my name is Samantha Clarke and I have a portfolio career as a happiness consultant & changemaker, speaker, podcaster and CEO of Growth & Happiness school.

I’ve spoken and facilitated workshops, at The School of Life, The Guardian and many other places, for 1000s of individuals on how to find work you love, portfolio careers and finding your career potential. I always encourage people to ask me questions after or email me. Between this and the emails I received in response to my newsletters, I’ve noticed a continuous pattern in the types of questions:

  • I’ve been a legal/finance/IT professional/management consultant/ account director … (insert your profession here) for my entire career and don’t know what else I can do. How do I transition out of my job and still make sure I can pay the  mortgage/school fees?

  • I’ve recently left my full-time job to start a portfolio career. I didn’t really have a structured plan and now I catch myself looking at jobs I don’t want because I can’t make it work.

  • I’m a product development manager with a love for organisation psychology, do you think I can do both?

  • I have lots of great ideas — new ones every week — where do I put my energy first?

  • I’m already doing this but struggling to manage two careers. How do I balance my time, energy and headspace?

  • So I make jewellery as well work part-time as a lawyer. I have trouble talking about what I do as both audiences are so different. What do I say when someone asks me ‘what do I do?’

Over the years I started to map out and imagine the stages someone goes through when they’re stuck considering or working in a portfolio career.

THE 10 STEPS OF PORTFOLIO CAREER STUCKNESS                            

  1. Motivation: “YES A PORTFOLIO CAREER IS FOR ME! I’m excited to make this work, I can do this!”

  2. Convincer mode: “It’s going to be ok everyone, I’m finally going to be happy in my work.”

  3. Analysis paralysis: “So from my 5 ideas, I’m going with this one first...or maybe this one...or perhaps this one because...”    

  4. Reality settling in: “Ugh, this is tricker than I thought, why can’t I make this work?”            

  5. Re-motivation: “OK, I just went to this amazing talk/read this blog...I’ve got it all sorted out now”

  6. Judgement: “Oh god they are going to ask me what I do, I don’t know what to say :| It was so much easier to just say I was (insert job) before.”

  7. Embarrassment: “Eek, I can’t seem to work out the right mix of activities to make the money I need ”

  8. Overwhelm: “I’ve said yes to every client, now I’ve got way too much on my plate than I can manage”

  9. Exhaustion:“I thought I’d be sitting at home in my pjs, why am I so tired and stressed all the time”         

  10. Resignation: “I’m never going to be able to do this”     

Do you recognise any of these?    

Come on. Don’t be shy.                                

I’m going to be honest with you. Getting stuck happens to smart people. It happens to successful people. Our inner critic and old habits can hold us back from pushing full steam ahead with any changes we want to make. Everyone can get stuck!

Where are you stuck EXactly?  

1/ Is it in the 'ideas maze'?

I want you to consider these problems:

  1. No passions/strengths/ideas.

  2. Too many  passions/strengths/ideas.

Two very different problems, but the result is all the same — analysis paralysis/stuck.

What I discovered is that we’re obsessed with the search for more or the right ideas and passions to weave into a portfolio career that we can’t seem to settle on what to start with first.

Then we fall down the rabbit whole of saying self-defeating things like, “What would someone pay me for, anyway?” “Can I really balance two opposing skills/passions?” or “I may as well just stay where I am.”

The truth is it’s about finding your first two-passion combination that you can make PROFITABLE and FEEL RIGHT for you

Below are just a few combinations I’ve helped my clients to start off in.

  • Will it be sticking with your Bread & Butter Job + revving up your Passion Project?

  • Or do you want to follow in Leonardo da Vinci’s footsteps as a Left Brain + Right Brain doer?

  • Or do you want to balance the Physical + Mental in your work?

More often than not, people will spend hours and hours combing through lists of passions, ideas and directions, as if the “right one” will magically jump out to them rather than just focusing on the right COMBINATION.


It’s important to understand what exactly you are good at, what comes natural to you and how you want to use this passion/skill/idea in your portfolio.

So then you need to test it, to see if this really works and is aligned to your values, your life goals & desires AND if it can be profitable.

Instead people will fiddle with lots of shiny distractions like getting the website right or printing snazzy business cards before even checking if or how to make it profitable.

Then they venture off with a random set of thoughts/ ideas and “see if it sticks” — not really knowing exactly how to move it all into action. And when it doesn’t stick, they get STUCK and quit.

2/ Not having the right FRAMEWORK to determine the income streams?

At a regular job, if you work twice as hard, you still make the SAME income.

But with your signature portfolio combo, if you work twice as hard, you could increase your income 2x — or 4x or more. You get disproportionate rewards with the right FRAMEWORK

What you need is a FRAMEWORK that puts you on right track with your portfolio combination and lets you know if something’s not working. If you’ve set up the FRAMEWORK you’ll know exactly what to do to fix it and get back on track.

Scale up as much — or as little — as you want. With the right FRAMEWORK in place  for your portfolio combination you can work in a way that suits you in the available time you have.

3/ Maybe all the marketing is causing you mayhem

I mentioned this before as for some people, it’s where it all comes unravelled.

Whether it be at a networking party, a dinner or a wedding celebration, there is one dreaded question that has most budding portfolio careerists quaking in their shoes.

So what do you do?

So much of our identity is wrapped up in our work.

If informs our goals, shapes our personalities and sends a message about our values. Often the companies you work in currently allows you to step into a cloak of desirability, aspiration and prowess around ‘their’ brand.

When we leave, it can be hard to know what we stand for or if we can make ourselves heard in a new landscape.

Who the hell am I now I’m out on my own? What is my personal brand?

Then throw into the mix not one but two and sometimes three work strands and then WOW it becomes a MINDFIELD.

Not only are you trying to convince yourself you are doing the right thing but you’ve also got other people’s expectations, concerns and doubt to manage also.

Some people are intrigued and want to know more...Great!

But most of the time when you talk about your work, some people are confused and would rather you stuck to just one box...

Some people think you sound like a bit of a you really know much about either thing?

Then when it comes to social media, website design and LINKEDIN….the stress mounts.

What do I tell this or that audience?

Will people think I’m fickle?

That’s when creating your Portfolio Work Umbrella as a way to frame your work comes to the rescue.

4/Perhaps its mastering how to balance mind & body with work that has you flummoxed?

Last but not least, it’s important to make sure the wheels don’t fall off!

"It sounds so tiring juggling a portfolio of work. There are only 24 hours in the day"

Have you ever noticed that some days, you have all the time in the world…but you still can’t get anything done?

It’s not just about TIME — it’s also about ENERGY and MOTIVATION. Knowing how to manage both using my secret flourishing tactics will keep you focused and aligned.

"I don’t deal well with uncertainty."

Most stress comes from not knowing where money or work is coming from. But once you learn how to use the FRAMEWORK to create a clear and viable path, you will be able to manage the risk and minimise this anxiety.

"My mindset is so up and down."

Creating your ‘mindset anchor’ is the surefire way to portfolio career success. Knowing what and how to ground yourself in the sea of options/requests/directions is what puts you into the big leagues vs those that feel overwhelmed.


Stop leaving your portfolio career development up to chance and wasting your time with a “cut and paste” and inconsistent approaches. You deserve better!

Let’s me help you cut out all the confusion and show you where to put your energy and what’s relevant for you, so you know exactly what to do and where to spend your time.

If you are ready to learn from someone who has proven personal experience and wide knowledge of guiding hundreds of others through the process, now is the time to join the course. 

I had been in full time employment in the corporate world previously. Long hours and feeling quite drained with work became a dominant aspect of my life. This Portfolio Career course gave me lots of creative ideas to make a portfolio career a reality as well as some super practical tools to get going. Samantha was inspiring and a great example of why it can work!
The top three things that I took away - One/ the importance of writing a business plan for myself. Two/ how to properly market myself and my portfolio career efforts. Three/ the reality of what it takes to build real momentum and workflow. Thankfully my Portfolio is up and running, got my first consulting project this week and then an investment project in the next month so great to be seeing it kick off!
Samantha’s framework will make sure you can build on your ideas!
— Anthony CHANT


Now is the time to learn some concrete strategies, tools and mindset shifts to help you do this successfully.

Not just any old approach but a clear step by step roadmap to help you navigate with confidence the rocky territory of portfolio career building so that you don’t get lost, overwhelmed or side tracked.

So why do I want to help you?

Well I was in your position many moons ago (you can read more here) and I understand how frustrating it is to:

  • not know where to begin and be so overwhelmed that you don't start at all

  • feel so undervalued in your role and want to pivot in new directions but scared to make the leap

  • worry that time is running out for you to really explore your passions and find work you love

  • not know what to focus on and what to prioritise in order to manage health needs

I've been there and bought the t-shirt and I want to stop you from heading down that path before it's too late

To move a step closer to a happier life and work, I realised that my melting pot of skills and experience --- idea generation, branding, strategy, research, account management, tech, personal & professional development, footwear and fashion design--- could all be used in a transferable way. I didn't just have to stick with one job

I mastered the ability to transition and leverage my skills toolkit and decipher the right ways of working that suited me and my health. 

In the early days my portfolio career looked a bit like this below. Where I moved from Advertising and Branding into Trends and Style Therapy.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 10.56.04.png

Strand 1 - trend/brand consultant + Strand 2 - stylist therapist

The content and structure of this masterclass was fantastic. I thought Samantha Clarke’s methodology was excellent, smooth, concise and very clear to understand. It put a lot of things into perspective on what I need to do on building up my portfolio career 
— Susanna Reid

NEXT ITERATION - Strand 1 - trend/brand consultant + Strand 2 - stylist therapist + Strand 3 - lecturer

I became a School of Life lecturer which added another string to my bow. Explaining this to others, was met with understandable confusion but also intrigue.

  • ‘But I thought you designed shoes...what are you doing working on trend projects?’

  • ‘So you teach at TSOL but also style women, where do you find the time?’

  • ‘Which do you prefer the most? Could I do this?’  

and the big one

  • ‘Why don’t you just focus and concentrate on one thing?’

Truth is, I didn’t want to!

I loved that one week, I’d be doing a wardrobe diets on weekend or a Monday, facilitating a class on confidence on a Wednesday afternoon and then connecting ideas and people in different countries to make magic happen on a Thursday.

My weeks were full with discovery, difference, change, unpredictability, joy and MONEY.

NEXT ITERATION - Strand 1 - happiness consultant + Strand 2 - stylist therapist + Strand 3 - lecturer

Keen to move completely out of trends, an opportunity to work with a remote working company presented itself and I grabbed it! They were trying to scale and grow quickly, lots of staffing issues, no HR department or people strategy at all - basically trying to run before they could walk. I spotted my dream, I pitched to them a roll out of a new kind of people development structure otherwise the company would collapse. I told them about all the transferable skills, experiences and strengths I’d amassed so far and demonstrated how it could be put it to use in a way that would benefit their people. I became their Head of Happiness and from there I fully launched into working in the field of happiness at work! 

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 15.07.26.png

Strand 1 - happiness consultant & changemaker + Strand 2 - podcaster + Strand 3 - speaker + Strand 4 - CEO of Growth & Happiness school

As we come to present day (pic above), I let go of my style therapy clients to make way for more happiness work, I had to make a judgement call in terms of shifting life and values goals. I love the fact that I can iterate, add on/subtract what feels right in any given moment and still keep control.

You too will be able to drop/pick up/pivot different strands in your portfolio career with ease, once you create a framework that's right for you.

Working in the way I do, I’ve had the opportunity to live and work remotely whilst still maintaining my income. Whether it be facilitating workshops in Paris, coaching clients from my hotel in Brazil or Thailand to speaking at conferences in Abu Dhabi. This portfolio career life has been good to me and it can be for you too.


I'm authority on portfolio careers, work happiness and flexible working! 

When I'm not appearing on BBC Global Business Review talking about how companies can create better environments for flexible working. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 11.23.41.png

Talking with Maryam Moshiri on BBC Global Business Review about work happiness

I'm distilling the latest trends on the rise of fluid living, co-live/co-work opportunities and skills portfolios as the future of work for global brands.

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 11.49.59.png

Talking about the rise of Fluid Living & Portfolio Careers in workshops for Pepisco

And you can also find me featured in Forbes, Stylist Magazine, Harpers’ Bazaar, Guardian Small Business, Changeboard HR magazine and BBC Radio 4 distilling my wisdom on how to bring portfolio careers to life. 

I want to do the same for you too.

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 17.45.47.png

Sharing my Portfolio Career wisdom




In this online course I will share with you the most effective tools, strategies and resources to help you figure out WHAT you want to do next and give you the step by step processes in a non-overwhelming way to guide you in a focused way towards that change

I’m going to give you the exact FRAMEWORK that has helped my workshop participants get clarity, change careers and their lives…


I have delivered this framework multiple times for The School of Life and The Guardian to sold out audiences:

 MORE CLIENT love...

One of the best courses I’ve taken. A lot of really relevant and practical content for those of us embarking on portfolio careers
— Peter Bristol
First of all, thank you so much for your inspiring and thought-provoking class last night at the School of Life! It was definitely what I needed to hear at this stage of my career development. I really did not realise until yesterday that I CAN actually do all those things that I’m interested in (dance, fitness, coaching, motivational videos/books/ travel, entrepreneurship) and it is OKAY to turn them into my portfolio career! You made me believe that it is possible to do all those things with the right structure and I’ve already made start. I just want to say that I’m really grateful for your expertise and help.
— Patrycja Skurzak

This 12 Week programme gives you the 4 step framework to:

  • leverage your skills and transition out of your current work,

  • turn your numerous  ideas into a sustainable portfolio of work,

  • overcome anxieties around how to sell what you do,  

  • identify strategies to make sure money flows in and

  • working in a way that keeps you happy, motivated and healthy

This course reveals what it takes to change career and create a portfolio career that really works. It includes:

  • bitesize training videos

  • downloadable workbooks, exercises, templates and challenges to help you take action

  • real life case studies

I will guide you through the process STEP BY STEP. No worrying, stressing or overthinking what to do next.

Here’s what you will learn IN "FIND YOUR WORK HAPPINESS":

Part 1: Lay your foundations

  • Learn the #1 biggest barrier you’ll face when starting, and how to overcome it

  • Psychological resources to keep yourself highly motivated and even increase your performance on this journey

  • Get clear on whether it’s just your current job or your entire profession that’s the problem

  • Identify the skills, experiences, personality traits and interests that you have existing and what needs to stay or go 

Part 2: Create your portfolio career combos

  • Zero in and go from overwhelmed by too many ideas to getting clear on your priorities

  • Hone in on which transferable skills and strengths will be pivotal to your portfolio success

  • Learn the secret to creating the right two-passion combinations to get started with your new portfolio career

  • Instantly evaluate the demand for your service / business within your portfolio career before ever spending time on marketing

PART 3: Build Your Work Umbrella Brand

  • Snatch Samantha’s top secret to using your current work status/ profession to finance your transition.

  • Learn the secret Portfolio Pie Mix strategy to making sure you make money in your new career.

  • Overcome your work introduction blues and nail how to talk about what you do instantly with confidence

  • Avoid sleazy-style ME ME ME networking (and what to do instead) and build your portfolio career support system

PART 4: Maintain Momentum

  • Systemise and optimise your portfolio career to get more business with less effort

  • Learn the power of 'No,' to drive demand for your services higher than ever, while protecting your time and energy

  • Learn the concrete strategies to do away with procrastination and those ‘wobble days’ to keep you moving forward.

  • Make the best use of new technologies to manage your portfolio strands and the rest of your life

Material is released sequentially as I believe the real success lies in giving you the space to learn, reflect and TAKE ACTION.

It’s easy to get all the content up front, but this only leads to overwhelm. I don’t want this to be a Netflix binge session, I want to give you the space to make real changes and see the results you crave!

The content and structure was superb. I would like the Guardian Masterclass to have been longer with a smaller group to really explore some of the ideas and practices that Samantha suggested. I wanted MORE of her!
— Michelle Francis


Combined with 121 coaching this brings the programme to life and provides the true value of getting insight and answers to your specific questions when you need it!

It's the only way to truly move the needle on your goals. It's something a basic DIY course can't help you with. On the bi-weekly coaching calls you can get your most pressing questions answered whatever they maybe like:

  • how to map out your two-passion combination

  • coaching on your mindset

  • rejigging your brand profile and CV

  • nailing a pitch to a new client

  • morning routine advice to set you up for the day

  • queries on your workflow

Whatever you need help with I am there to guide you! Plus with a community around all making similar transitions, the accountability, discussions and shared advice will skyrocket your goals. I love my workshops but I've always wanted the opportunity to go deeper and really take the time to answer ALL your questions. The time is NOW!

Samantha created an atmosphere that was so safe, friendly and productive in terms of discussions. I learnt a lot from people’s contributions and Samantha’s answers. It was fantastic and it put a lot of things into perspective on what I need to do on building up my career
— Michelle Yaw

Here are 3 things you should know about creating a portfolio career:

  1. Staying safe is risky. One revenue source is terribly risky, no matter how big the current company you work for is.

  2. You DON’T have to quit your job and start the next AirBnB or have four strands already..…you can start with two passions and scale up as desired.

  3. A Portfolio Career provides you with a backup plan BEFORE you need it. If you decide to leave your job — or you’re laid off for reasons beyond your control (Brexit, recession)— you have an instant revenue source that you can “scale up” immediately.

A Portfolio Career helps you to do 2 things:

  • PROTECT YOURSELF. Multiple streams of income mean safety and always knowing that you have something to fall back on…something YOU control.

  • GROWTH. You don’t have to be limited by a 9-5. You can take CONTROL of your time. You will be open to new opportunities, knowledge and new contacts = GROWTH


  • You want to do more meaningful work but don’t know know what else is out there for you

  • You are tired of feeling lost and confused trying lots of different routes with no real solution of how to bring it all together

  • Feeling stagnant in your career and want to make the most of all your different passions without putting yourself into financial peril

  • You’ve gotten as far as you can on your own and want to get an extra push to cross the bridge to success following a proven framework  

  • You’re focused on the long term — and you understand there will always be twists and turns, but that you can make HUGE wins by acting smarter and beginning steady                      


  • The content is dripped out weekly so you can pace yourself and take action everything accordingly.

  • The 121 calls will also keep you accountable too.

  • Don’t worry about falling behind -- each video is distilled down to just the “bite-sized” essentials and includes specific challenges so you can spend your time taking action


Remember when I said before I would be your personal happiness coach in your pocket. I will keep my promise to you. But I want you to show up and meet me halfway.

Life gets busy, I understand this but with only 2-3hr of your attention a week you can start to see the results you crave to turn your work dreams into a reality.                               

I want to join! Now what?

I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to have a work happiness strategy session with me. When you mentioned I should start a Portfolio career, I had never even considered it. You answered so many of my questions around it and your advice and tips to get going were very helpful for me. The portfolio career concept appeals to me immensely and I’m so excited to get started and applying what you’ve shared with me.
— Rebecca Smith