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Individual Training Only

Individual Create Growth & Happiness Training only

The happiness consultancy field is booming, and our graduates have found many ways to elevate the work they already love doing or make new career waves by working as Happiness Consultants. Just take a look at the numerous pathways open to you whether you take the basic training or upgrade to the business in a box solution to start your own consultancy.

  • Make an impact - some graduates choose to stay in their current company/position and help create the change they want to see from within. Steadily obtaining buy-in from managers and senior leaders and being a driver for real change.

  • Upgrade your skills - other graduates choose to affiliate their practices with yoga studios, universities, schools, therapy, health or wellbeing collaborative groups.

  • Find a new job - some of the titles our graduates have moved into include Culture and Agile Coach, Head of Growth & Culture, COO and Wellness Officer.

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Career change - From Sales Director to Head of Growth & Strategy



Skills upgrade - Added happiness consultancy to her existing toolkit of mindfulness and yoga



Duo Role - Implementing Culture & People strategies into her sales & marketing role in a Tech startup



Go Solo - Head of Operations in an advertising agency now Happiness Consultant for creative agencies in S. Africa




 At the Growth & Happiness School, we take pride in making sure you will have everything you need to start a happiness consultancy practice and earn a great income. But it’s up to you to decide what services you’ll provide – the possibilities are endless!

One of the gifts of becoming a Happiness Consultant is that the possibilities for where you can work are infinite! Together with Samantha you will not only have access to the training but also bespoke consultancy sessions over 4 months to get your business started right! Here are just a few of the services you can offer clients:

  • Group Team & Leadership Coaching - This is the perfect way to help anyone who needs you, no matter their income level, and still earn a great salary. Typically, you charge half of what you would for one-on-one sessions when someone joins your group. The more people in your group, the more you earn! This is a great way to have a work/life balance: work less time, make more money, help more people. It’s a win-win-win!

  • Happiness Consultant in Residence Sessions - One-on-One Career Coaching - Whether you choose in person or virtual, you are trained to offer one-on-one consultancy to help individuals find work happiness. Our training encourages graduates to lead clients through a 6-Month Programme, consisting of two 60-minute sessions each month where clients learn to make incremental work happiness changes that will last a lifetime. The more experience you have, the more you will earn!

  • Talks, Workshops or Webinars - Many Happiness Consultants give talks, teach live classes or facilitate workshops on different work happiness topics. These classes can be held in person at companies, yoga studios, gyms, doctors’ offices, and libraries or online through webinars, live streaming, or even Google Hangouts or Skype! Payments are unique to the coach and are based on the class, location, and number of students in attendance. This is a great way to gain exposure for individual coaching as well.

  • Strategy & Advisory - Create company culture strategic plans and wellness strategies around the Four Growth & Happiness Pillars, that help companies align their values, goals and strategic priorities with a company culture roadmap that puts people at the core.

  • Facilitation & Alignment Sessions - Facilitate discussions with senior leadership on happiness agenda and cultivate alignment sessions to guide leadership in their happiness at work decision making. People are at the heartbeat of every business, which makes your services an integral part of company success.

These can be offered online, offline, a few times a year or on an ongoing basis - online programmes are a powerful way to make money. Create the content once and you can offer the programme again and again, practically making money while you sleep. Mix and match them to your business needs to craft a happiness consultancy practice that is unique and helps you reach your income goals!


I’m always getting asked what my week looks like

sam schedule.jpg

As you can see my week offers a nice blend of in-person and virtual work, time for business development as well as rest and reflection. Happiness consultancy offers tremendous flexibility and freedom to create a work life that works for best for you, whether you want a career that allows you to travel the world, a job where you can be more available to your family, a side gig where you can bring in additional income—or whatever your heart desires.

If you’re interested in a career where you can:

  • Do meaningful work that aligns with your passions

  • Empower leaders and managers to bring our the best in their teams

  • Live YOUR best work life and help others do it too

  • Enjoy career flexibility and financial freedom on your terms

then Happiness Consulting is for you!


 Team & Company License

Investing in your employees wellbeing is an all Around win – wiN!

Happy, engaged employees are a competitive advantage. And in the current climate of Brexit, talent shortages and increased automation, the smart companies are the ones with a future focused and holistic approach to employee happiness.

In short:

  • Happy employees want to stay and grow in your company - keeping turnover low.

  • Lower absenteeism rates = Happier productive workforces for you.

  • Customers, suppliers and your whole company eco-system is happier.

Happiness could be described as the ultimate productivity booster because when employees are happier, they:

  • Are more engaged.

  • Work more effectively and work collaboratively.

  • Are more creative and show greater problem solving abilities.

Why choose the Create Growth & Happiness training?

  • Convenient - This self-paced program can be started at anytime, anywhere in the world to match your teams and leadership schedules.

  • Curated - Expert insight and evidence-based practices have been selectively brought together to bring the best content to you in 5 different modules.

  • Cost-effective - Create a consistent 'growth & happiness' language across departments and geographies without the additional strain on internal resource.

Choose a learning format that meet your needs:

  • Online - Work through all 5 modules online at your own pace. Train your team together, wherever they are in the world.

  • Online Facilitated - Join Samantha as she takes you through the online programme. Enjoy the flexibility of online training, with the added accountability of a coach.

  • In Person/Blended Learning - Face-to-face learning still has its time and place and you can choose to have Samantha deliver this training partially or fully in person.

  • Create Your Own - Create a learning experience that suits the timeframe and learning outcomes you need.

I’m ready to get started. How much does it cost?


We want everyone to have access to our training to suit their needs. Whether you just want to work through the training solo and have no intention of starting a business - that’s fine! Or maybe you have a team that you want to get trained up, that’s cool too! We have offerings catered to suit all.



Access to all the training content and group coaching and certification calls



individual business in a box

training materials, certification and bespoke happiness consultancy business development



teams or company license

min of 10 licences, training materials, delivered in person by Samantha or virtually facilitated

From £7500