• Do you want to become a facilitator of happiness and create a new purposeful and passionate career?

  • Do you want key insights and a supported space with mentorship from Samantha and peers to help you bring a potential happiness at work idea to life?

  • Do you have a 'happiness at work' solution in mind but can't seem to get your voice heard or sell it in to management?

  • Do you want real case studies of companies to deepen your understanding of how to happiness at work a reality without using gimmicks or big Google-size budgets?

  • Are you a naturally curious person, who loves learning and wants to make a difference in your current industry for yourself and others?

If so now is the time to become a Happiness Facilitator.


Phase 1:

Foundations of Happiness

Phase 2:

Happiness In action


Phase 3:

Happiness In Practice & Certification

Phase 4:

The Business of Happiness


 Orientation - BE HAPPY FIRST

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  • A measurable process to make sure you fill your happiness tank first before you start off helping others. It’s not selfish, it’s smart!

  • As a facilitator of happiness it’s important to establish a self-care routine to nourish yourself, your mind and your body

  • Personal development strategies and tools to work through fear and self-doubt

  • Build the support systems needed to make your work as a happiness facilitator successful

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 PHASE 1 - Foundations of Happiness

  • Discover why now is THE moment to shake things up at work when it comes to happiness at work

  • Decipher the latest research on what influences a person’s happiness, and how you can apply it in the work

  • Examples of happiness techniques that you can model (and some you shouldn’t)

  • The consequences of leaning on short-term and quick fix strategies instead of a more mindful approach.

  • Samantha’s signature Growth & Happiness model & The Four Pillars of Happiness at work

  • Why THIS model works best to create future focused and holistic happiness at work

  • How to translate the benefits and values of each pillar into practical growth & happiness at work strategies

  • How to sell in happiness whether you are in-house or external

  • Overcome the common objections to happiness at work and how to counter them

  • How to translate the benefits and values of getting happiness at work right by getting management buy-in, employees involved and showing companies the business advantages of happy staff

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Phase 2 - Happiness in practice


From identifying what makes teams toxic and how to overcome it to creating conscious leaders to moving a company culture beyond perks and fun-engineering, this phases provides a holistic happiness approach with tools, resources and methodologies to use across all levels

  • Learn happiness at work strategies that convert unhappy employees into ones with passion and purpose

  • Get clear on how to differentiate and elevate members within a team and learn how to leverage their unique talents for increased collaboration and connection

  • Pinpoint the key things that make an employees’ day, and show leaders how to repeat these

  • Identity how to create a “rinse and repeat” happiness-improvement processes for company culture as a whole

  •  Insights from field experts in Mental Health and resilience at work and more

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Pillar 3 - Happiness Challenge & Certification time

  • Deliver and run a happiness sensing journey/plan/strategy in your company or with a client of choice (real or fictional)

  •  The creation, execution and measurement of a sustainable happiness plan

  • Putting theory into action the participants will come to the course with a challenge, plan in mind and each week build on it so that over the course they have implemented what they have learnt with great success.

  • Some past challenges have included happiness strategy/plans;

    • to help reduce burnout and overwhelm for 50+ head teachers;

    • to create a culture development plan for a newly formed remote working team;

    • to re-develop the employee experience journey for a design team in creative ad agency;

    • to negate conflict and increase collaboration for a newly consolidated department of 10 teams making up 200 employees

    • to retrain 10 leaders with better communication and relationship building techniques

    • to create better company culture in dental practices and self-care promotion for health care practictioners

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PHASE 4* - The Business of Happiness - how to make happiness your new business. 


 Learn how to implement Samatha’s Growth & Happiness model that will kiss confusion and gimmicky happiness at work solutions goodbye and deliver optimal impact for your company or clients

  • Discover your Happiness business model and/or Portfolio career mix to create a thriving business and lifestyle you crave that goes along with it.

  • Position yourself as the sought-after go to expert in your company and/or client niche so you can set yourself up for success in the long term

  • Master your happiness consulting pitch

  • Learn to how to communicate to become magnetic for consistent clients and income.

  • Create structured client offerings that your company and/or clients will find irresistible

  • Conduct sales conversations that aren’t pushy, pitchy or icky and get the clients saying “yes”

  • Handle objections that may occur when you are speaking to potential clients

  • Rare Q&A interviews with a selection of Samantha’s black book of confidants to help put all the pieces together around marketing, mindset and developing your personal brand to make sure you consistently thrive in your business.

Happiness & You

  • This section helps you navigate the Four pillars of Happiness in your own business or current job role.

  • Re-affirming key elements from Be Happy First for specific work contexts you’ll face as a Happiness Facilitator


Happiness Business Foundations

  • Learn how to develop your coaching and consulting style, presence and demeanour

  • How to use signature facilitator skills to create successful work and lifestyle changes for yourself

  • The two steps you must take BEFORE you coach your client.... skip these and your client won’t experience transformation

*Only available in the Business In a Box solution