Become a HappinesS COnsultaNt today - increase THE HAPPINESS AT WORK LEVELS OF OTHERS AND YOUR OWN WHILST gETTING paid at the same time


Is this you?

  •  Do you want to become a happiness consultant and start 2018 with a new purposeful and passionate career?


  • Do you want key insights and a supported space with mentorship from Samantha and peers to help you bring a potential happiness at work idea to life?


  • Do you have a 'happiness' solution in mind but can't seem to get your voice heard or sell it in to management?


  • Do you want real case studies of companies to deepen your understanding of how to happiness at work a reality without using gimmicks or big Google-size budgets


  •  Are you a naturally curious person, who loves learning and wants to make a difference in your current industry for yourself and others?


If yes? then perhaps you could be a happiness consultant! 

Julia Makhubela - Moved from advertising to setting up her own Happiness Consultancy in South Africa

Ready to improve your growth and wellbeing at work – and help others do the same?

Do you want to put happiness to work in real, practical ways?

Hello and Welcome! Lovely to meet you!

I'm Samantha and I'm a Happiness Consultant! I want to introduce you to the wonderful world of Happiness Consultancy.

Every day I get the pleasure of working with some of the BEST brands in the world helping them make happiness at work a reality


On any given day I'm coaching leaders at Dishoom, holding virtual training with the Studio team at Shopify, giving workshops at Innocent, delivering workshops for The Guardian and The School of Life or helping top engineering company like Atkins manage change and challenges. I've also been featured in Forbes, Stylist Magazine, The Guardian, Psychologies and Elle. I bring happiness at work to life in real, actionable and fun ways! And it ROCKS! Want to find our how you can too??


As a Happiness Consultant you get to:

  • create happiness plans that put people actually want to engage in


  • influence a company's bottom line by showing them how to put happiness and wellbeing at the core


  • connect employees with their passion and purpose again so they can show up and be their best selves


  • provide ideas, systems and processes that allow people to flourish and build strong relationships rather than feeling burnt out and overwhelmed


  • Build a career with happiness skills that create meaningful change and transformation both internally and externally 


That's just the tip of the iceberg!

Emma Sajben - L&D Trainer at UN - Currently working on a self-care pilot programme for UN workers out on location suffering from burnout and research for a ‘millennial happiness’ leadership programme at UN


So Samantha, what have you implemented? 

Clients have used my methodical happiness processes to:

  • implement a happiness at work plan for an entirely remote working company to promote connectivity and productivity across distance


  • engage toxic teams to come together and skyrocket their creativity and collaborative skills to win more pitches   


  • boost bottom line and diminishing turnover rates by creating happiness check ins with staff to catch them before they jump ship


  • help senior leaders create cultures of open communication to raise awareness of stress levels and burnout in teams  


  • create culture and wellness plans that aren't fluffy and go the distance as the company scales from 0 to 45 and upwards


If that all sounds amazing , let me introduce you to 'Create Growth & Happiness at work - the only ICF accredited course to help you become a Happiness Consultant. 



Happiness at work has become such a talked about thing but yet there are no guidelines on how to do it right or where to start. Most of the time the journey to creating happiness is either overly convoluted, extremely fluffy or a bit slapdash

Create Growth & Happiness at work is the only accredited ICF training to learn how to create growth & happiness in any workplace

Create Growth & Happiness is the only exact proven step-by-step system to understand, create and promote growth and happiness at work. No confusion. No ambiguity. Complete hand holding. Telling you EXACTLY what to do. Walking you through the entire process to put your happiness at work plan into action and get support from Samantha & a community of peers.

This ICF accredited "Create Growth & Happiness at work" course has been created in response to a growing interest in happiness consultancy and questions around 'how to become one?' and 'what skills do I need?' and 'what courses deliver what you do?'. It's my goal to give you a step by step, methodical process and road map on how to implement happiness in the workplace without gimmicks. I will help you create happiness plans either for your current workplace or for clients you want to work with in the future that promote sustainable growth, happiness and wellbeing for all.  

Insights and information on positive psychology approaches, neuroscience, mind and body interconnectedness, philosophy will inform the entire course. Participants will gain first-hand experience and capacity to use these approaches to bring their ideas to life. It's the only step by step course to learn frameworks, techniques and skills to elevate the happiness of individuals, leaders, teams and/or the company as a whole.

I will also help you bring the business skills to life needed to build happiness consultancy and cultivate the necessary inner “happiness skills” to support you on this journey of becoming a Happiness Consultant.  So that you can skyrocket the happiness levels of others and your own!

I invite YOU to take this course and learn how to make happiness actionable and measurable in any workplace and personally and professionally flourish in the world of happiness.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 14.25.39.png

Lucy Watkins - From burnt out & under appreciated Sales Director to COO of Push Doctor UK

Taking this course was literally one of the best decisions I made. It’s completely changed my career and life. I couldn’t recommend it enough! And Samantha’s one of the best teacher / mentors around!” LUCY WATKINS


What the hell is ICF Accreditation and why should I care?

The ICF (International Coaching Federation) is the biggest and only global body for coaching in the world. They are the masters at making sure the right coaching qualifications get the seal of approval, so that you can get top education on how to help others grow and develop. It was super important for me to make sure this course had the rigourous checks and had the frameworks in place to make sure all the exercises, contents and resources can take you from where you are to where you want to be...a successful happiness consultant!  


Now as a trained Happiness Consultant and Mindfulness Coach, Stephanie Peltier is the founder of The Happiness Society , she works both with individuals in search of a more fulfilled and meaningful life, as well as with organisations wanting to increase their bottom line by injecting more happiness and fun into their businesses.


What will YOU learn?

Whether you want to:

  • Take happiness at work to the next level


  • Make some marked changes at your workplace and know that it will skyrocket your happiness double win


  • Sell in concepts to leaders & managers who aren't taking happiness at work seriously but know they need to make real change immediately


  • Upgrade and future proof your skills and exisiting toolkit


  • Start a portfolio of work doing things you love and feel passionate about 

This is the A-Z program filled with strategies, tactics, and tools to take action and bring about long-term success.


  • Complete System with in-depth Video Training Modules


  • Weekly LIVE Q&A and Case- Clinic sessions with Samantha to get your questions answered and help you put what you learn into action


  • Growth & Happiness School certificate & 22.5 CCE Coaching credits


  • BONUS/ Audio Expert Interviews - to help you get ready for your entrepreneurial journey


  • BONUS/ Both Happiness Health-check & Sensing journey Templates - to help you map out a happiness plan with substance


  • BONUS/ 32 Top Tried & Tested Growth & Happiness Sensing Qs - resources to help you ask the right questions and get to the heart of the issue in any workplace 


  • BONUS/ Happiness Consultant Toolkit - everything you need to stay happy on the journey


  • BONUS/ Service offerings and proposal templates to help you get started with clients quickly


  • BONUS/ Private Members-Only Mastermind Forum


  • Lifetime Evergreen access. Templates and cheatsheets are 100% downloadable and all content is portable, mobile- and tablet-friendly


Merilyn Keskula - Wellbeing Consultant- Mlky Moon


Is being a happiness consultant actually needed in the world?

Are you kidding me??! HELL YES. Below are just a few of the reasons why I believe this work is crucial for the future of work and society because:

  •  The world is a mess right now...impending wars, shoddy and untrustworthy leadership and media, climate change running riot, soaring living costs and poor quality of life, inequality.... I mean every time we turn on the TV it's greed, profiteering, sadness and disasters. It's no wonder we are living in a time where there is the highest rates of depression, emotional and social disconnection and poor mental wellbeing.

    • You could play a big role in helping to increase positivity, joy and satisfaction into someone's day...every day through real meaningful ways


  • Technology is changing the way we work, live and connect (listen to my podcast Conversations with Samantha & to find out more). Automation is shaping the work environment rapidly and with robots doing most of the work in the future, what's left is people of course! But we've become so disconnected and out of touch that we don't know how to relate with one another. We've forgotten how to value each other, be socially aware and relate.   

    • You can help individuals, teams, leaders and yourself harness the power of being more socially aware, emotionally intelligent, compassionate and connected in the overwhelmingly tech driven and distracted environments we now find ourselves in.  


  • We've forgotten we are all interconnected. The negative experiences we have at work is bad energy we take home to our families, our friends and our communities. Wouldn't you want to help people feel increased self-worth, confidence and passion at work instead of pain, heartache and misery?

    • Happy Employees = Happy Businesses = Happy Societies. It's a win win for all! We are all interdependent, and you can play a role in  making some social change starting with the world of work. We spend so much of our time working, why should we have to put up with negative vibes that impact the rest of our lives too? 


Never worked for yourself before? Want to know more about mental health at work? Keen to discover how food shapes work happiness?

I got you covered 

I'm so passionate about my work and I want you to develop in the same way and blast off into happiness-land successfully. I've included audio interviews from some of the top coaches and colleagues in my life who help to up my confidence and business savvy levels on a regular basis.

Plus on the faculty we have mental health, food and automation & tech experts too, ready to help you master all the facets of workplace happiness.

First hand connection to these individuals is invaluable and priceless! Some of these people I've known personally for over 15 years. I've spent time building all these great relationships and they've given me their time to help you!


Natasha Bergg - Designing and delivering creative approaches to professional development, including personal impact, team dynamics, and wellness at work in theatre arts and not for profit sector.



Anna Cusden,

MD, Look Fabulous Forever


Chris Mair,

Founder, DADI


Alexander Middleton,

Studio team, Shopify


Peishan Chen,

Senior Producer,DADI

Join Create Growth & Happiness course today and take your happiness and wellbeing to the next level.


Who has signed up already and what ideas are  they hoping to implement? 

Here is just a peak at some of the eclectic bunch already through the doors and their plans: 

  • A school head who is saddened by the lack of passion in the world of teaching and is keen to develop a self-care and happiness plan for her teachers so they can fall in love again with the job and let that flow down to the kids


  • Ex-Marketeer keen to create life happiness and wellbeing plans for account managers and directors in corporate advertising agencies 


  • Yoga and female wellness guru who would like to create a mindfulness and structured happiness offering to her corporate clients  


  • In-house employee in non-profit keen to sell in a wellness plan on a tight budget to senior management  


  • An ex lawyer who is keen to disrupt the legal sector and create systems to address stress, depression and burnout before its too late in young graduates

If you don't have an idea already and want to explore as you go along, that's cool too. Whatever your industry you will have a community who share your vision for change and happiness for all, ready and waiting to learn, implement and share ideas with you.  

Jemma Rumsey - Snr Manager: BD L&D Lead - Europe, Middle East, Africa, KPMG (EMEA)

SOLD! Now what?

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