Individual Create Growth & Happiness Training only

The happiness consultancy field is booming, and our graduates have found many ways to elevate the work they already love doing or make new career waves by working as Happiness Consultants. Just take a look at the numerous pathways open to you whether you take the basic training or upgrade to the business in a box solution to start your own consultancy.

  • Make an impact - some graduates choose to stay in their current company/position and help create the change they want to see from within. Steadily obtaining buy-in from managers and senior leaders and being a driver for real change.

  • Upgrade your skills - other graduates choose to affiliate their practices with yoga studios, universities, schools, therapy, health or wellbeing collaborative groups.

  • Find a new job - some of the titles our graduates have moved into include Culture and Agile Coach, Head of Growth & Culture, COO and Wellness Officer.

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Career change - From Sales Director to Head of Growth & Strategy



Skills upgrade - Added happiness consultancy to her existing toolkit of mindfulness and yoga



Duo Role - Implementing Culture & People strategies into her sales & marketing role in a Tech startup



Go Solo - Head of Operations in an advertising agency now Happiness Consultant for creative agencies in S. Africa