What is the Create Growth and Happiness at Work course about?

The first course from The Growth & Happiness School is a unique and premium continuing education program designed for individuals keen to create growth and happiness at work for any workplace without using gimmicks or quick fixes. It's the only step by step course helping to learn frameworks, techniques and skills to elevate the happiness of individuals, leaders, teams and the company as a whole. 

How much does it cost?

19th March 2018 intake has two enrolment fee options: 

1. £2500 - payment plans available

2. £2500 - 5% discount if paid in full

Price will increase nearer to course start date.

Please click here to see the cost in your currency at www.xe.com

How much of my time will it take up each week?

You’ll have access to all modules as soon as you sign up, so you can study at your own pace. You can dip in and out of any lessons and resources at any time.

Each video lesson is about 30-40 minutes (theory + discussion of practical application + homework suggestions).

Each week you can hang out with me when I hold a live Q&A call/webinar of ~60 minutes where we’ll focus on your questions from that week’s lessons. You can access the call via the internet or phone. All calls will be recorded for those who can’t attend and will be made available on the course site the following day.

Once the course comes to a close you’ll still be able to access ALL the online materials, and you are welcome to attend the next round of classes including live calls. Note, the course runs over nine weeks with week six being 'rest' week. 

Any additional reading or research is entirely optional. If there is a particular lesson you want to delve into further I’ve recommended plenty of books, articles and online resources for starters and further resources will be shared on the calls.

March intake kicks off 5th March 2018 and enrolment will be from 26th February to 4th March 2018.

What time will the live calls be?

The times of the calls will be sent out to students after sign up. Every attempt will be made to vary the times each week to cater for all global time zones. Questions can be submitted each week in advance for those who can’t make the call. All Q&A calls will be recorded and made available after the event.


Will I have direct access to Samantha?

Unlike most on-line courses, you will have direct access to me in our private community group and via live Q&A calls.

What are the learning outcomes?

By completing the Create Growth & Happiness course students will be able to:

  1. Understand how different happiness, positive psychology and growth techniques can impact and provide insights into coaching, health and wellness.

  2. Gain knowledge on the latest research on what impacts an individual’s happiness, and how you can apply it in the workplace.

  3. Describe the Four Pillars of Happiness  and how to create a “rinse and repeat” happiness-improvement process. Which will help you discover what works, and keep doing more of it.

  4. Handle common objections to happiness at work and know how to counter them.

  5. Understand key strategic ways of working towards happiness at work on an individual, leadership, team and organisational level.

  6. Design a growth, happiness and wellness program for clients based on the four pillars of happiness for optimal impact.

  7. Evaluate the different approaches to employee growth and happiness, taking into account your own organisation’s brand, values, culture and goals.

  8. Prepare themselves with a key integral skill-set that is increasingly needed in the future of work.

  9. Focus on the application of interpersonal skills to improve employee productivity and enhance employee social functioning.

  10. Conduct a happiness health-check.

  11. Build a business case for growth, happiness  and wellness.

  12. Gain management support and identify key stakeholders vital to the successful implementation of an employee growth and happiness strategy.

  13. Clearly communicate, monitor and celebrate success of your employee growth and happiness strategy.

  14. Identify a process to make ‘happiness work’ work for YOU… mind, body and soul.

  15. Identify key principles and ways to incorporate this work into your own portfolio career / work mix.

Are there any pre-requisites necessary for sign up?

Nope :) The curriculum has been designed to provide continuing professional education. So anyone interested in happiness at work and wants to turnaround their workplace or help clients do this...I invite you to come onboard. We've had sign ups from wellbeing, education, legal, retail and not for profit sectors. So it;'s a great opportunity to collaborate, learn and share insights, problems and information from diverse industries. 

Is there anyone who shouldn’t do this course?

The course offers no ‘magic bullet’ solutions to your specific and detailed problems. It offers basic level business advice if you want to start up in happiness consulting but does not solve business cash-flow issues etc.. If you want more advance consultancy and dedicated learning on building a happiness consultancy, please look out for future courses and 1-2-1coaching opportunities.

I’m a happiness consultant, not a medical professional or a therapist and as such, I offer no medical or psychoanalytical advice, nor do I make any claims about health outcomes for you, your clients or students. I’m not a trained business advisor, and I make no claims about monetary outcomes for your business, or your coaching or wellness practice. I only offer you direct tips, advice and results relating to my journey, my clients experiences and outcomes and research in the hope that it advances your learning and puts you on the right track.

The nine week program is designed to be primarily a professional development course for people working in health, wellbeing, coaching, people development and so on.

My teaching assumes some prior knowledge and is pitched at the professional working with clients/employees/teams. Working as a professional isn’t an absolute requirement, however, it would be far more beneficial to those joining.


Refund policy

I’m all about giving you the best information, strategies and learnings, connecting the dots and being a catalyst for you to take action and increase the growth and happiness of your clients and companies. I want you to be satisfied with your purchase. I offer a 30 day refund period for purchase if you think the course is not of acceptable quality or does not make the description. After 30 days all payments are non - refundable and you are responsible for full payment of the fees for the program regardless if you complete the program or not.

If you opt for a payment plan and you do not request a refund within 30 days you are required to complete the remaining payments of your payment plan.

All refunds are discretionary by Samantha Clarke  and the Growth & Happiness School.