What’s the difference between taking the individual training or the bespoke business in a box?

Glad you asked! We want to make sure we cater to everyone who wants to become a happiness facilitator. Some people love their jobs and want to take on a new skill or boost their existing skills toolbox or move in people or operations positions in a company and this is the perfect training. The training is self paced but you must join the calls (at your decided intake) to meet certification and submit your happiness challenges in order to pass and get your ICF credits and more.

Others are looking to start brand new careers, once certified, you can bring the Create Growth & Happiness process into your existing work with individuals, teams, and organisations, as well as offer bespoke workshops, trainings, and coaching. Plus you can receive bespoke training on how to start your happiness consultancy unique to your industry whether that’s education, tech, theatre or arts, media etc. We work together for 2x90 mins sessions each month for four months, working through the material and also nailing down all your business queries, so that you can fly immediately!

How long will it take me to complete the certificate programme?

The course is designed to be completed in 2 months for individual training or 4 months if we do it bespoke together. For companies and teams your timelines will be to suit you! Upon graduation you will be given a certificate of completion and a seal for your website to display your credentials.

How many hours per week should I allot to completing course work?

We’ve made sure to chunk down Create Growth & Happiness into manageable pieces. If you watch all the videos, show up to the Q&A calls, do external research and development, plan on 3-4 hours of work per week. The program is 100% online and can be accessed from smartphones, tablets, or desktops through our learning platform, accessed anytime, so if you head out on vacation with your family or have an emergency, don’t worry – you’ll be able to catch up!

Do you offer payment plans?

Create Growth & Happiness training investment is £2000 (VAT applicable if in UK)

  • Paid in full - £19o0 - inc 5% discount or/

  • Deposit is £750 and two payments of £625

Bespoke consultancy and business in a box - investment is £4500 (VAT applicable if in UK)

  • Paid in full - £4275- inc 5% discount or/

  • Deposit is £10o0 and four further payments of £875

Can I do this program while working a full-time job or being a full-time parent?

YES! Absolutely. What you will learn in this course are habits that will help you create a more spacious lifestyle and professionally inspire others to do the same, which will mean less stress and more fun. If you only want to work part-time, that’s your choice and it’s still possible to build a wildly successful business while working part-time.

How do I know if Happiness consulting is right for me?

Happiness consulting is one of the most fulfilling careers on the planet. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to explore their own personal growth while making a big difference in people’s working lives? Some students wonder if they will actually be able to make a living doing it. Others wonder whether they will be taken seriously if they are not doctors or registered dieticians. When Samantha launched her career as Happiness Consultant she worried about that too. It turns out that many of our grads are now earning as much as, or more, than previous jobs—while working a lot less hours.

I’m already a coach/consultant, will this be repetitive?

Not at all. This is a unique training that is rapidly redefining the work happiness industry. This work is based on Samantha’s experience working with thousands of clients around the globe. There is no other coaching school out there that combines Positive psychology, Transformational Coaching Skills, Personal Growth, and Business and Marketing Systems in one program that produce a successful and sustainable approach to happiness at work. Plus, every session is exciting and fun. This is a great way to spice up your own practice.

Do I have access to Samantha?

YES! You will have access to live course calls and Q&A with Samantha. There are three live call sessions each year. When you purchase the individuals programme you can join in either the Winter, Spring or Autumn session to get your answers to Qs and submit your happiness challenge for certification also. You will be able to ask questions, get advanced tips, hack client problems and much more.

When are the Q&A and certification sessions?

Our intakes are as follows:

  • Autumn Intake (Oct to Dec)

  • Winter Intake (January to March)

  • Spring Intake (April to June)

On purchasing you will be assigned your closest call session unless otherwise arranged.

If you choose the bespoke route you can start anytime. Places can be secured with a deposit paid post Happiness consult. Book a consult HERE

What happens after the programme?


Upon certification there is an annual licence fee of £700 to receive access to monthly business development case clinics and Q&A calls, access to the learning portal and additional unique comprehensive tools to use with clients, discounts off holistic wellbeing products/kits to use with clients, access to existing happiness community and be placed on the marketplace.

Upon graduation, from late 2019/early 2020, for bespoke graduates you will receive:

  • Happiness consultant marketplace platform & database establishing 2019 - this will be a place for graduates to promote and obtain exposure around their particular offering/niche.

Graduates will also have access to:

  • A personalised drag-and-drop business website and publishing platform

  • Private client portal with calendar and scheduling capabilities

  • A Contact Management System for getting clients online

  • Email and SMS notifications for appointment reminders

  • Cutting-edge marketing and business automation tools

  • Easy email integration

  • Social media integration

  • Invoicing and reporting capabilities

  • This will help you attract clients quickly, get organised and easily facilitate a smooth, professional experience that turns your clients into raving fans.

Is the cost worth it?

To be able to move the needle on happiness at work, you will have access to, case clinics, group coaching calls and supportive online community - which compared to the personal value you stand to gain, is a great return on your investment. This is a business in a box that is good to go immediately.

Think of how much you’ve been spending on happiness research, piecemeal business development, growth and wellbeing gimmicky happiness initiatives to elevate your knowledge over the past few years. If there’s a more evidence-based approach you could be taking to get better results, surely that’s worth this small investment to see what you can bring back into your business.

What requirements do I need to enroll?

Passion. Drive. A Sense of Humour. A commitment to work happiness, a desire for a transformative personal experience or career change, and the determination to make a difference in the world. If you fulfill these, you’ll find success within our program

Book in a happiness consult with Samantha to get started today!