If you want to keep your workforce engaged, inspired and motivated to bring their best self to work, you need to know the happiness strategies and techniques that are sustainable and measurable now and in the future. Whether you are a start-up, small to medium sized company or multi-national business, our programmes will help you to develop your leaders and your employees.

Investing in your employees wellbeing is an all round win – win.

Happy, engaged employees are a competitive advantage. And in the current climate of Brexit, talent shortages and increased automation, the smart companies are the ones with a future focused and holistic approach to employee happiness.

In short:

  • Happy employees want to stay and grow in your company - keeping turnover low.

  • With absenteeism rates lower = Happier productive workforces for you.

  • Customers, suppliers and your whole company eco-system is happier.

Happiness could be described as the ultimate productivity booster as when employees are happier, they:

  • Are more engaged.

  • Work more effectively and work collaboratively.

  • Are more creative and show greater problem solving abilities.

Why choose the Growth & Happiness training?

  • Convenient - This self-paced program can be started at anytime, anywhere in the world to match your teams and leadership schedules.

  • Curated - Expert insight and evidence-based practices have been selectively brought together to bring the best content to you in 5 different modules.

  • Cost-effective - Create a consistent 'growth & happiness' language across departments and geographies without the additional strain on internal resource.

Choose a learning format that meet your needs:

  • Online - work through all 5 modules online at your own pace. Train your team together, wherever they are in the world.

  • Online facilitated - Join Samantha as she takes you through the online program. Enjoy the flexibility of online training, with the added accountability of a coach.

  • In Person/Blended Learning - Face-to-face learning still has its time and place and you can choose to have Samantha deliver this training partially or fully in person.

  • Create Your Own - create a learning experience that suits the timeframe and learning outcomes you need.

To find out more about the ‘Growth & Happiness’ training for your company, complete the form today.