What could you let go of to be happier at work?

Whilst there is so much power in pushing ahead and challenging yourself to try new things, I believe the true strength lies in taking a moment to be still and identify what you need to stop doing to move forward and get to a happier place. 

What's the annoying, niggly thing that irritates you everytime it rears it's head?

Unfortunately we get used to the discomfort that comes from doing something we know we need to stop, because taking the time to stop doing it feels so much harder. And let's be realistic, it is! 

Below are just a small list of things I've stopped doing this year and it's been both exhilarating and painful.

  1. Wasting time on people I can’t please

  2. Working with clients that aren't a good fit

  3. Bitting my tongue and not taking a stand on something I believe in

  4. Letting other people decide if I was doing a good job.

  5. Not standing up for myself because I wanted to keep the peace

I took a long hard look at what was distracting, draining and irksome in my work that was to causing it to be more of slog than fun. When I took a step back and tackled each individually I started to feel a release and a sense of calm knowing I was operating from a place of peace. It was a gradual progression, I can't tell you that it was overnight thing. But with baby steps and moments of pause before each natural reflex or tendency to creep back into old ways I was able to catch myself.

So as you start this week ahead ask yourself 

 - What one thing can I start to let go of today that's stopping me from excelling in my work?

 - What expectations of your co-workers do you need to hang up to get on better with them?

'H' in our Be Happy programme is for "Hang Up' and this sections helps you to identify what you need to hang up, let go of or put down in order to bring your best self to work. We tackle how to overcome the stress of weighty expectations from others and how you can change your mental negative scripts around your own hang ups.

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Check back next week as we explore the role of consciously appreciating ourselves and others we work with. 

With love,



Samantha Clarke