What do you appreciate about me?

I'm going to flip gratitude on it's head slightly today!

As someone who has a gratitude journal I love reflecting on the beauty of my day, week, friends, colleague and opportunities. And also the not so good stuff like the times of overwhelm, disappointment and anxiety. But how often do we turn the table around and identify what people are grateful about when it comes to us.

What do people thank you for?

 Sounds like a funny question, but when was the last time you asked yourself that? I'm guessing not often...

It's important to start creating a habit of noticing where and when appreciation comes to you in your life and work. Is it always in a particular realm?

For me, top things people say are that I’m a great listener and creative ideas person...what about you? I'm grateful because these are strengths and values I adore and I use them to the max. So it's nice to receive appreciation for them so that I can continue to refine, hone and accentuate them for the good of others.

Gratitude is a feedback loop that will show you where you are flourishing and has the power to elevate your happiness levels.

So I want you ask yourself a question today

 -  What do people comment, turn to you for, or appreciate about you most frequently?

I believe that the more we take the time to deep-dive and understand what others give gratitude to us for, it helps to reveal your hidden superpowers!

Consider the value of what you create for others. Consider the value of what you create for others -Organised party planner. A wise owl. Compassionate and driven leader. A lovely home vibe. Tenderness and laughter. 

Where does their gratitude overlap with what you’re most passionate about and what brings you the most joy? The beauty is that when you can then start to put these hidden superpowers to work in the areas of life, you to bring out the best in yourself.

'A' in our Be Happy programme is for "Appreciate' and this sections helps you to hardwire happiness into your life by developing more conscious approaches to gratitude and creating appreciation and reciprocity in your relationships.  

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Check back next week as we explore our signature strengths and values and why some of them make us unhappy. 

With love,





Samantha Clarke