BE PRESENT                           

When was the last time you took the space to just ‘Be’...


Be Kind - it's easier to be our own worst enemies. When was the last time you showed yourself some empathy? Cultivating a routine to treat yourself with kindness and compassion, often falls to the bottom of the list. Pulling all nighters continuously, eating at your desk blurry eyed in front of a screen …is that kindness? 

Be Aware - take the time to notice what elevates or sucks your energy. When was the last time you reflected on whether your work is consciously moving you towards positive emotions, experiences or rich relationships?

Be Present - are you living in the past or future rather than just sitting with what is? On the journey to work happiness we are often caught in the flux of what might be or could be rather than dealing with what is and seeing the answers in the present. 

In order to start bringing these ‘BE’ states to life I invited you to look at the idea of nourishment.

We live in such abundant times, we have pretty much anything we want at our disposal. But despite such diverse options we are just about keeping our head above water and let alone thriving.

Working in jobs we don’t find purposeful, in broken systems, surrounded by things we aren't sure why we own and with people who we have to prize away from the phones over dinner….it’s the opposite of nourishment.

Along with all the messages that we should strive to become a better communicator, stronger leader, a conscious parent, empathetic co-worker and an emotionally intelligent friend…it’s a lot!



It’s hard to find the space to take a step back and think how do I want to be in all of this?

But that is exactly what we need to do and think about you must do to nourish yourself first. 

When we think of the basic idea of nourishment it’s determined as - the food necessary for growth, health, and good condition. It’s easy to think about it from a functional perspective. Of course without water and nutrients, we would perish after a while, but how often do we make space for the internal mental nourishment?

What might that look like for you??

  • Saying NO more than you say YES this week

  • Treating yourself to a midweek hot bath with jazz or your favourite book

  • Setting up a podcast as you leave the house and not touching your phone until it’s finished

  • Making some time to be silent for at least 15mins in the day to collect your thoughts and be still

By taking the time to do this, you can show up in a way that feels wholesome for you and without the need to pick holes or place blame on others or situations.

What will you start to implement today?

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Check back next week as we explore vulnerability at work.

With love,



Samantha Clarke