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After coaching, facilitating workshops and providing talks to thousands of individuals from leaders and consultants to employees and students, I am proud to be pioneering the training of a new generation of Happiness Consultants keen to change the consciousness of the world of work.



Welcome to the Growth & Happiness School.

I’m Samantha, founder and Chief Happiness Consultant. In my lifetime, my career has traversed brand and strategy consultancy, trend and innovation research, style and personal brand education and lecturing on personal and work development. It’s a big mouthful and behind all the fancy smancy titles I realised what got me up every morning was the joy of joining the dots for others, being a catalyst for great ideas and supporting & inspiring change in people’s working day & lives.

As a Happiness Consultant I’ve taken up the mantle to start a revolution around happiness at work. Whether that’s:

  • Helping company leaders and teams to design more conscious, happier workplaces and processes

  • Guiding individuals through public workshops to find work they love

  • Designing portfolio careers

  • Publicly speaking about the benefits of more mindful and sustainable work happiness strategies.

From Deutsche Telekom and Wella, to the NHS or a School of Life classroom I’m shaking up the status quo on what work means and how you can nurture yourself and your work desires in a better way.

We are entering unprecedented times of change when it comes to work, which whilst exciting, it’s also bloody scary. Work will continue to morph and it’s time that you did your due diligence to take the best steps forwards to help yourself and also harness the power to help companies and others find the happiness in the chaos.

Wellbeing at work, mental health, agile teams, compassionate leadership, gig economy, portfolio careers, remote working. Every day a new term to represent just how work is evolving, fractured and taking its toll on workers. The future workforce will be a motley crew of contractors, freelancers, AI, robots and pools of liquid outsourced talent. In a tech driven and automated world, human workers will still be needed so it’s not all doom and gloom, yet! Whether you are working with technology, developing it or in very human specific roles, there are places technology cannot compete in. We need to identify how to keep happiness, wellbeing and human connection at the heart of this. The social and physical context of work is changing and people are digging deep to find meaning in the work they spend the majority of their week doing.

Solutions to some of the work happiness issues typically come in a prescription bottle or through sweeping it under the carpet or gimmicky ideas, but rarely through long-term, sustainable change.

But there are signs that the model is shifting. Slowly but surely, a Happiness at Work revolution is happening.

Growth & Happiness School is at the very center of this transformation, leading the charge.

Documentaries and public education campaigns have been spreading awareness around stress at work, mental health and happiness at work issues. Happiness at work topics now dominate social media, magazine covers, and the news. We are waking up to reality and taking back control of our work happiness and pushing back in our existing companies.

Growth & Happiness School is at the forefront of a happier future, and I invite you to join our movement.

Together, we are creating a ripple effect that is bringing happiness and wellbeing to the world. As you read through this curriculum guide, I invite you to imagine how the education and training you will receive on the Create Growth & Happiness programme can help you reinvent your career or current role, your attitude to work, your relationships, and all aspects of your life. Work and happiness are inextricably linked. The higher you put happiness at work in your mind, body, and spirit, the bigger the impact you can have on the world.

Now is the time to take action toward accomplishing your dreams and aspirations. Our admissions team is available to talk, listen, and prepare you for a powerful education that will open new and exciting opportunities.

Love & hugs,

Samantha Clarke

Happiness Consultant & Changemaker and Founder of Growth & Happiness School





Samantha Clarke has a fusion of decades of business experience, in some of the largest and most innovative corporations in the world across tech, creative & media and hospitality; rich coaching credentials; a diverse personal background; and a commitment to help companies and individuals by giving advice on the small things they can do to make a big difference to their happiness at work.

Her company Samantha& liberates tired company cultures from unhappy work environments by delivering group coaching sessions, creating happiness & wellbeing strategies, leading countless workshops and speaking on all things company culture, employee growth & happiness, finding work you love, realising your potential and more. Trained in CTI & ORSC coaching methods, she has made big results working with an impressive list of clientele below:

Her podcast series "Conversations with Samantha &" is where you can hear Samantha geek out with philosophers, technologists, heads of people & talent, start-up founders and communication experts on the impact of technology on our happiness in work, life and our cities. Guests include Oliver Burkman, Pamela Pavliscak, Tim Lebretcht, Roman Krznaric, Nir Eyal, Gerd Leonhard and many more.

Samantha is at her happiest delivering talks and masterclasses for The Guardian, Soho House Group, Stylist Live and as a faculty lecturer at The School of Life on topics including authentic leadership, building better relationships, managing stress, building a portfolio career, finding happiness at work and increasing emotional intelligence & confidence.

Over a decade of work experience, research & learning, instructing on personal & professional happiness, development & technology, has now been distilled into creating the Growth & Happiness School.

The school's goal is to help individuals discover, understand and implement tried & tested growth and happiness strategies that work for business and life. Elevating everyone and leaving no-one behind.

Samantha has always been on a quest find out what makes workplace and society happier. Whilst visiting Dubai Government Summit she had the pleasure of listening to the Prime Minister of Bhutan speak about Gross National Happiness and it’s quest to put wellbeing at the heart of country development.  To be a good teacher, one must continue to be teachable - Samantha completed her Gross National Happiness Masterclass qualification bringing to life meditation practices, happiness policies and philosophies and practices from Bhutan, closing the gap on her goal to bring sustainable growth and happiness to the national and international stage.

Samantha will also be launching her first book due out March 2020 providing individuals with the tools to decipher how to find work they love and fulfill their potential either by crafting new paths in their current role or finding alternative career paths.

You can find her spreading her wisdom on happiness at work, technology, new-age HR/ people operations, confidence and leadership in Monocle, BBC Global Business Review, Psychologies, Forbes, Changeboard HR, Guardian Small Business Network, BBC 1Xtra, Evening Standard, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and City AM.

Samantha has used her methodical happiness processes to help clients:

  • implement a happiness at work plan for an entirely remote working company to promote

    connectivity and productivity from a distance

  • engage toxic teams to come together and skyrocket their creativity and collaborative skills to win

    more pitches

  • create cultures of open communication to raise awareness of stress levels and burnout in teams

  • boost bottom line and diminish turnover rates by creating happiness check ins with staff to catch them before they jump ship

  • create culture and wellness plans that aren't fluffy and go the distance as companies go from start up to scale up




At the Growth & Happiness School we are passionate about helping you develop and blast off into happiness-land successfully. We’ve included audio interviews from some of the top experts and coaches in the Create Growth & Happiness programme, for you to distill their wisdom, elevate your knowledge and take some of their skills into the workplace.

On the faculty we have mental health, food, and automation & tech experts too, ready to help you master all the facets of workplace happiness. First hand connection to these individuals is invaluable and priceless! Samantha has personally known some of the faculty for over 15 years, and they've given their time to help you.


Dominique Antiglio 

Dominique Antiglio is a Sophrologist specialising in stress-management and self-development. Born in Switzerland, Dominique started Sophrology at 15 years old, learning early on ways to positively connect with herself and embrace a new way of living. Founder of Be Sophro and author of The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology: Breathe and connect with the calm and happy you.


Jessica Elliot

Jessica is the founder of J’s Dance Factory & Talent Agent. Award Winning Business woman championing women in business! Jessica is heralded as one of the UK’s brightest entrepreneurial talents and recognised by former Prime Minister David Cameron as a shining example for others. We talk entrepreneurship journeys and business development.


Jenny Garrett

Leadership coach, bestselling author of Rocking Your Role and founder of Happenista programme - we talk about how to work for yourself successfully, make stuff happen and implement systems that work to avoid burnout 


Mark Leruste

Mark has journeyed a long way, from spreading the awareness of Movember to becoming a TEDx speaker, coach and podcaster at The Unconventionalists. Mark highlights what it takes to have impact and spread your value to the world. He gives you the exact secret sauce to help you find your voice, channel your message and be influential in your field.


Irene Moore

Irene Moore is an Entrepreneur Speaker & Business Coach based in London, UK. With over a decade of experience handling PR, social media and digital marketing for global brands such as L'Oreal, Kat Von D Beauty and Dior. Irene's passion is empowering female leaders with the business skills and mindset shifts required to run a sustainable business that offers true freedom and flexibility to work from wherever.


Emma Sexton

Founder of Make Your Words Work, resident lecturer at Kings College London and one of the trio of podcasters over at Badass Women's Hour - she breaks down how to create a success mindset, building community and support systems on your entrepreneurial journey.


Lea Woodward

Business and Implementation Strategist, Location Indepedent entrepreneur, mother of two and a lady who believes as consultants and coaches we have to find ways of building in some Me-first time. We discuss how to ground your business in the right values and nurture yourself on the journey.


Petra Velzeboer

Petra Velzeboer is a mental health consultant, psychotherapist, executive coach and training facilitator. Her passion is to help employers create strategic mental health change and to help individuals be their authentic selves at work. 


Marianne Cantrell

For the last 7 years Marianne has been running Free Range Humans (spawning 20,000 wonderful readers, dozens of online courses + a bestselling Be a Free Range Human book). Now she helps individuals create multifaceted lives & businesses that are intuitive to the person they are. To kick this evolution off she did a TEDx talk on “The Hidden Power Of Not (Always) Fitting In”. She joins me to discuss how to go deeper, let go of the 'should-dos' and really embrace your liminality.