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All too often research around happiness, wellness, individual growth and company culture can be super scientific, not digestible or it’s delivered by untrained people with limited experience jumping on the bandwagon.

Here we've created the Growth and Happiness school to precisely help you discover, understand and implement tried & tested growth and happiness strategies that work for your business and life.



Introducing Samantha& 


Samantha& liberates tired company cultures from unhappy work environments by delivering group coaching sessions, creating happiness & wellbeing strategies, leading countless workshops and speaking on all things company culture, employee growth & happiness, finding work you love, realising your potential and more. Check out our lovely global clients below.



Peishan Chen,

Senior Producer, DADI

Alexandra Middleton, Studio Team, Shopify


Anna Cusden, MD, Look Fabulous Forever


Chris Mair, Founder, DADI,


Listen to the podcast series

"Conversations with Samantha&" and hear Samantha geek out with philosophers, technologists, company founders and communication experts on the impact of technology on our happiness in work, life and our cities.



To be a good teacher, one must continue to be teachable - in May 2018 I will be completing the Gross National Happiness Masterclass qualification in Bhutan, the birthplace of Gross National Happiness, closing the gap on my goal to bring sustainable growth and happiness to the national and international stage.


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